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The research activity is organized through 4 Sections: Archeology, Fine Arts, Geography, Anthropology, Psychology (GAP), Music & Performing Arts.

Archaeology: the research covers the following areas: Prehistory and Protohistory, Greek Archaeology and Archaeology of Magna Graecia, Roman Archaeology and Archaeology of the Roman provinces, Etruscology and Italic Antiquities, Ancient Topography, focusing on production, settlements and territory as well as on issues concerning the art history and the history of collecting antiquities. The Section of Archaeology carries out excavations both in Italy (Bagnolo S. Vito, Lavagnone, Calvatone, Guardamonte, Populonia, Tarquinia, Gravina in Puglia, Nora) and abroad (Gortyn - Crete and Palmyra - Syria).

Visual Arts:  studies on History of Art cover various ages (from Late Antiquity to the present day) and different geographical and cultural contexts, without any hierarchy between fine arts and applied arts. Special care is given to the history of the subject, to its method and to art criticism. The main areas of research (Byzantine, Medieval, Modern and Contemporary art) are also developed through exhibition projects in Italy and abroad. Visual studies (visual literacy and gaze theories) represent a specific field of research.

Geography, Anthropology, Psychology (GAP) is organized around three research areas: Human Geography (cultural, regional, urban, historical and population geography); Cultural and Social Anthropology; Social, Environmental and Cultural Psychology. The aim is to promote and to coordinate research activities that present geographical, psychological and anthropologic aspects through national and international projects, and in the  contexts of civil society.

Music & Performing Arts: In the field of music, studies and research apply to historical and critical issues of musical cultures, with a focus on interdisciplinary issues and conservation, enhancement and promotion of historical and contemporary musical heritage. Studies in the performing arts specifically relate to the history and criticism of Italian and international cinema and theater, taking into examination both past and contemporary productions, with great attention to multiple relationships between the different kind of artistic experiences.

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