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Cultural Heritage Studies

First Level Degree (Bachelor) providing broad and fundamental training on issues in the management of cultural heritage. The level of knowledge and skills achieved will allow graduates in cultural heritage to exercise an activity in the study, cataloging, preservation, protection, enhancement and promotion of cultural heritage and, in particular, the history of art, archaeological heritage, archival and library, cinema, performing arts and music.


Geography and Environmental Sciences

First Level Degree (Bachelor) gives theoretical and methodological fundamentals and expertise in order to allow a scientific reading of territorial systems and a social, cultural and psychological assessment of environmental and populations dynamics. The degree course aims to define and assess those material and immaterial elements of territory and landscape that should be enhanced from a touristic and cultural perspective.



The Master of Science in Archaeology aims to bring its graduates to acquire a solid cultural and depth knowledge to work in the field of heritage archaeological classic and also  to promote conservation of monuments and sites of historical and artistic interest favoring  the enhancement of the archaeological heritage and their use by the international community. Graduates in Archaeology will be able to work with executive functions in institutions dedicated to research, protection, conservation and enhancement of the archaeological heritage. The knowledge gained will also serve as a prerequisite for access to the PhD or a graduate school in archeology to complete their training for the recruitment of higher responsibility in the university or in specific institutions such as the Superintendents and archaeological museums.


Archives and Library Sciences

Second Level Degree Course (Master) gives advanced expertise in Archives and Library information sciences, in research procedures required for the tracing and proper use of documentary and bibliographic sources, together with good prospects of occupational openings at archives and libraries in technics of management of archival and library materials.


Environmenal and geographical Sciences 

Second Level Degree Course (Master) gives advanced expertise in geographic sciences and their applications; further more, it provides skills in the field of the application of research programs on knowledge and analysis of territory and its economic and cultural resources, as well as of valorization of the heritage. The better understanding of environmental and cultural elements allows to enhance territorial identities in order to permit a correct use of these values by local stakeholders to a local good governance, a development of cultural and economical resources and of sustainable tourism activities.


History of Art

Second Level Degree Course (Master Course) provides a broad and solid knowledge of the History of art (from late antiquity to the contemporary age) and the core competencies for understanding the mechanisms of transmission and reception of visual 'texts' in different fields of studies (architecture, painting, sculpture, applied arts, new media). Students will acquire the essential skills to access to further levels of higher education and research in art history (Specialisation School, Ph.D.), teaching, scientific careers in Museums, Superintendencies for Artistic and Cultural Heritage and other institutions.



Second Level Degree Course (Master) gives advanced expertise in different fields of the musicological research; furthermore, it provides skills that could be applied in activities such as artistic advising or management of opera theatres, concert institutions, broadcasting companies, preservation and enhancement of musical heritage, musical editing by specialized publishing houses, music criticism in newspapers or magazines. This Degree Corse will also give access to the qualifying courses for teaching in first and second level secondary schools.


Science of Performing Arts

Second Level Degree Course (Master) giving scientific skills on multimedia communication, performing arts and aesthetic disciplines that could be applied in different kind of activities such as exegesis, planning, production and organization of performing events and in management of theaters, cinemas, televisions and radios. The purpose of this second level degree course is to provide scholars with the ability of realizing synergies between modern Performing Arts and new media, as well.

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