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Quality Assurance  

In accordance with the University’s Strategic Plan and Quality Assurance (QA) system, the departmental Quality Assurance system has the task of monitoring ResearchTeaching and Third Mission activities of the Department of Cultural and Environmental Heritage.

The Department QA group is coordinated by the Quality Assurance delegate, Prof. Mariagabriella Cambiaghi (aq.bac@unimi.it), who liaises with the University Quality Assurance Board and monitors the Department's activity in its various forms.  

Alongside Prof. Cambiaghi, QA is managed by Prof. Eleonora Mastropietro (for the Third Mission), Prof. Tomaso Subini (for policies on open access to scientific research), Prof. Davide Colombo (for internationalization), QA delegates of individual degree programmes and the Chair of the Teaching Staff-Student Joint Committee, with a view to engaging and raising awareness among all faculty members, as well as promoting widespread cooperation. Stefania Fioravanti (course management) and Olivia Grigoli (research) also contribute to QA.

The QA group is committed to disseminating and developing the implementation of best practices as defined by ANVUR, the Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes. It works closely with the University QA Board, acting as its operational arm in the Department. It meets on a monthly basis, in order to promote, monitor and assess the achievement of the goals set for its three missions (research, teaching and social impact) in the three-year plan.


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