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QA in Research  

For the purposes of Quality Assurance (QA) in Research, we collect and analyse self-assessment indicators, through six-monthly monitoring activities, in accordance with the University Quality Assurance Board, in order to assess the achievement of the Department's strategic research objectives.  

Since its inception, the Department has supported the research lines of each academic field within an integrated and synergistic system, capable of enhancing the specificity and diversity of all its components.  

An essential part of the Department QA process is promoting and monitoring research activities, which involve all colleagues, and are reviewed annually on Research Day. On this occasion, current and prospective research projects in all fields are presented and discussed with a focus on the goals set in the Department's three-year plan. It is thus possible to identify both the potential to be unlocked and any areas for improvement, to be reviewed in subsequent Department meetings. 

In relation to research policies, the Department QA delegate, Prof. Mariagabriella Cambiaghi, convenes regular meetings (usually on a monthly basis) of the QA working group, to discuss and upscale the goals set in the Department's three-year plan. At this stage, the focus is on open access to scientific research and internationalization (e.g. mapping and encouraging participation in European calls, inviting eminent international Visiting Professors, increasing publications abroad and in a foreign language). 

The QA delegate, in agreement with degree programme quality managers, works with the Research Committee of the Department, with the aim of encouraging participation in competitive calls for research funding. Furthermore, the QA delegate is a contact person for the Department in terms of different types of calls, Research Quality Assessment (VQR), regulations and the Annual Data Sheet for Department Research (SUA_RD), as well as the development of the University QA system (guidelines for assessing and self-assessing the Department's objectives and the tools to achieve them).

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