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Teaching Staff-Student Joint Committee  

The Teaching Staff-Student Joint Committee (CPDS) acts as a permanent watchdog of training activities and Quality Assurance. The Committee is required to prepare an annual report on activities carried out. For more information on the functions of Teaching Staff-Student Joint Committees and their Annual Report, visit the page Annual Report of Teaching Staff-Student Joint Committees on the University website.

The Committee ascertains the quality of teaching, and allows students to discuss any issues with faculty and identify shared solutions. In particular, it evaluates the following: 

  • Cooperation between faculty members and students 
  • Consistency between academic credits and the aims of individual courses 
  • Student satisfaction with courses 
  • Effectiveness of degree programmes in terms of contents and organization 

In this regard, the Committee reports problems and solutions first to the Academic Board and, through its Annual Report, to the Independent Evaluation Unit.




If you have any issues, email the Teaching Staff-Student Joint Committee or the degree programme representative in the Committee (student or faculty member). Below is the list of contacts by degree programme.

General contact: paritetica.bac@unimi.it 

Bachelor's degree programme in Studies in Cultural Heritage  

Bachelor's degree programme in Human Science of Environment, Landscape and Territory 

Master's degree programme in  Archeology

Master's degree programme in Music, Theatre, and Film

Master's degree programme in History and Criticism of Art

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